Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and the national sport of South Korea. In Korean, tae means "foot"; kwon means "fist"; and do means "way," "method," or "art." Thus, "Taekwondo" can be translated as "the way of the foot and fist" or "the way of kicking and punching." However, it is not only kicking and punching, but also a way of thinking and living. The main goal of Taekwondo is to achieve total mind and body control and harmony through training.

Taekwondo is the world's most popular martial art in terms of the number of practitioners. Its popularity has resulted in the varied development of the martial art into several domains: as with many other arts, it combines combat techniques, self-defense, sport, exercise, meditation and philosophy. Taekwondo is also used by the South Korean military as part of its training. Gyeorugi, a type of sparring, has been an Olympic event since 2000.

The Spirit of the Taekwondo Practitioner

  1. Loyal to country
  2. Obedient to parents
  3. Respectful of elders
  4. Faithful to friends
  5. Courteous in all situations
  6. Considers all alternatives before killing any living thing
  7. Indomitable; Never give up

Membership Oath

  1. We, as members, train our spirits and bodies according to the strict code
  2. We, as members, are united in mutual friendship
  3. We, as members, will comply with regulations and obey instructors

School Rules

  1. Student must bow to the flag, Sabumnim, and other Black Belt instructors when coming in and out of the school.
  2. Students must use the words "Sir" or "Ma'am" when speaking to instructors.
  3. Students must respect and obey instructors.
  4. Conversations are not permitted during class.
  5. Swearing, smoking, and drinking liquor is prohibited.
  6. Students must attend classes regularly for their own good.
  7. Students must help keep the Dojang clean.